New and creative Japanese cuisine to be presented and the cooking skills to be learned
 -Create new Japanese cuisine-

At the class/salon you can improve guest entertaining skills
 - You Can Become a HomeCooking Entertainer by Japanese Cuisine.

While in Japan, I wonder how often you have been invited to home parties at
Japanese houses. Even so, the occasion where the house wives cooked by
themselves must have been fewer. This is because Japanese house wives are so
afraid of entertaining guests at home, especially foreign people should be around.
So, you must have been invited to restaurants of famous name and observed and
enjoyed the dishes prepared by "masters of Japanese cooking". You do not feel like
trying to copy and cook any one of those dishes. They are so special.
At the end of the course, you should be able to cook and serve the Japanese-
flavored dishes at your home parties. I am more than sure that your guests will be
surprised with the super skills of yours for cooking and serving Japanese-oriented

 - Japanese Home Party Simulated AND Cooking Skills to be Learned.

At La Table de Zen, you may feel as if you are invited to a Japanese home party.
Not only you can enjoy tasting and eating Japanese dishes or some arranged ones
with the Japanese touch, but also you can have individual cooking lessons. The
experienced teacher will provide the stories, menu as well as hands-on cooking skill
training. To make the training more effective, the class/salon has a limited number
of students, no more than four to a class.

At the class/salon we care about the materials

For the class/salon, the most fresh fish, vegetables and other materials bought at
the Tsukiji Market are used to show the best. They are naturally safe and delicious.
Then, the unique and idea-added cooking method shall be introduced so that the
students can learn the Basics of Japanese cuisine. Once the basics are well
learned, you can arrange the dishes in your way with the Japanese touch using the
materials to be bought at usual markets and as served on the plates and dishes of
your choice.

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