"La Table de Zen" can be best presented at the class.
However, the class may be held at your house using the
cookware, tableware, and utensils you have. The materials will
be bought and brought by the coordinator. In a way this can
demonstrate that the recipe you learn can be practiced at your
own house where you have home parties.
When you cannot attend the class with children at home, this
home delivery cooking can be utilized in place of the class room.

Home Delivery Cooking can be held mainly in Shinagawa
and Minato wards. Please request for other areas.

Minimum of two students per home delivery cooking class.

During week days on appointment. 10:30 to 14:00 is the standard time.
Other schedule upon negotiation.

\15,000 per student which includes the materials and
the food to be taken after the lesson and drinks and transportation.

Kitchen with your cookware and tableware will be used.
Special tools, when so needed by the menu,
will be brought by the coordinator.

Menu and other request:
Please provide the details via e-mails which will be answered in time.

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La table de Zen (ラ・ターブル・ド・ゼン)のトップページです ラ・ターブル・ド・ゼンは和食をベースとしたおもてなし料理教室です 参加方法、連絡先、年間メニュー等を掲載しています 出張料理教室も承ります 料理教室、主宰者の紹介です 主宰者が最近気になっていることのつれづれ日記です お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい