La Table de Zen is a small-sized cooking class/salon where you can learn and enjoy Japanese food with Western flavors incorporated. You can practice it relatively easily yet creatively at home for guests and your family members.

You can have information regarding time and place of the class, tuition, dish menus, application methods and others.

About the teacher of the cooking class, or myself, and features of the class.

The class may be held at your place of designation when you cannot attend the regular class room.

Japanese Cuisine Made Easy to Learn − You can cook it , too. They say Cuisine is a crucial part of culture of a country. Yes, you can feel and touch a part of Japanese culture by taking Japanese dishes at restaurants or served by some others. However, should you be able to cook them by yourself, I am more than sure that you can experience the most essential part of the Japanese culture. While I was a student in France, I was invited to French families where I enjoyed eating their dishes and even learned how to cook them. This experience was most moving. Thus, I have become a firm believer that I can provide the similar opportunities to house wives or the ladies of expatriates staying in Tokyo by forming a small scale cooking room. The dishes to be learned are Japanese cuisine and the combination with Japanese food as a central theme. Taking from the essence of Japanese hospitability being a tea ceremony, a meal a la kaiseki or Zen Buddhism, I have named the cooking room as La Table de Zen. You are invited to my house and a few classmates try to learn the Japanese cuisine together. For detail, please open the relevant sections as follows.

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