The teacher, food coordinator, is one of the most essential factors for the
successful class room management and teaching.
We are most pleased to have Ms. Atsuko Umezawa as the teacher.
She graduated from the Sacred Heart University with major in English Language.
After a few years working at companies, she went to France to study appraisal of
fine arts at Christie's education during 1998 to 1999.
While in France she often visited or was invited to friends and teachers home parties.
She went through French cuisine adopted to individual homes for best entertainment.
As she was so moved by the entertaining French style way, she attended the
French cuisine salon several times,too.

After return to Tokyo, she earned a diploma at a reputable cooking school in Tokyo.
She then worked as a food management service consultant for several restaurants and
food magazines in Tokyo.
At the same time she invited Japanese and foreigners for her home parties serving
creative and original Japanese dishes as the main theme.
It was surprising pleasure to find that so many of her guests liked the way
they were entertained via enjoying the Japanese and other dishes and drinks.
Even today she continues visiting famous restaurants,
RYOUTEI to learn French and KAISEKI cooking.
For enriching the atmosphere for home parties, she has started calligraphy.

The idea of La table de Zen was incubated by her experience in France
with the most French modern living and cooking as the home entertainment.
It is her belief that she can contribute to the foreigners staying in Tokyo
to be nearer to the Japanese culture through cooking.

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